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New musical alchemy and roots reimagined from Scottish guitarist/composer Simon Thacker and Polish cellist Justyna Jablonska.

Karmana (Sanskrit for “performing anything by means of magic”) is informed by the belief in the mystical, transformative power of sound. In original compositions and radical reimaginings, Thacker unites the explosive virtuosity and effortless musicianship of two of the country’s finest contemporary performers with a lifelong devotion to embodying the creative spirit of some of the world’s deepest musical traditions, from India and the Balkans to Andalucía and Gaelic Scotland. Guitar and cello is a remarkably expressive combination, here explored in expansive and compelling new music.

Their debut album features Simon's epic six movement Karmana suite, transformations of Gaelic and Polish traditions, a revelatory new frontier for Scots song in The Highland Widow’s Lament, featuring the incomparable Scots singer Karine Polwart, a unique take on the Romanian Roma song tradition with singer/violinist Masha Natanson, one of the Romany world’s finest exponents, and a genre melting trio with Indian tabla master Sarvar Sabri.

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"Manages to be spiritual, intellectual, technical and emotional all at the same time…absolutely not to be missed" Channel7A 


 "A journey through genres, histories, cultures and philosophies... remarkable"  Elsewhere (New Zealand)

“The interaction between the guitar and cello is flawless" Classical Music Sentinel (Canada)

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