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Nada-Ananda: Simon Thacker and the Nava Rasa Ensemble

Nada-Ananda explores the meeting of Indian and Western cultures with an outstanding nine piece intercultural ensemble.


It features the world premiere recordings of Nada-Ananda by Shirish Korde, a virtuoso three movement guitar concerto  culminating in extended cadenzas for the guitar, Indian violin and tabla and an explosive climax for the whole ensemble, and UK composer Nigel Osborne’s beautifully colouristic The Birth of Naciketas. These two perfectly contrasting works have been acclaimed in live performances across the UK.


The CD comes with comprehensive 16 page liner notes.


Classical Music Sentinel

"The musicianship on this recording is quite remarkable. Guitarist Simon Thacker transcends the instrument and persuades it to produce music loaded with subtle nuances and character... A veritable melting pot of styles and influences that have truly merged into one."


The Guardian

" exuberant virtuoso display of rhythmic complexity. Nada Ananda means joy of sound, an idea Korde captured in his music."


Supported by Creative Scotland/National Lottery, Gem Arts and the Hope Scott Trust.

Nada-Ananda: Simon Thacker and the Nava Rasa Ensemble

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